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Garage Floor Coating Lake Mary

Garage Floor Coating Lake Mary

Your garage in Lake Mary, FL, deserves to be treated to the best flooring possible. After all, it’s the place where you keep your most beloved autos! This is also, where you store your expensive sports equipment. And most importantly, it’s the place where you and your children can bond during weekends. In short, it’s about time you gave your garage the treatment it truly deserves with Garage Floor Coating Lake Mary services from Kwekel Painting!

Taking a closer look at Kwekel Painting’s coatings.

Allow Kwekel Painting to turn your garage in Central Florida into an organized and neat showplace for equipment, Garage Floor Coating Lake Marytools, and that much-valued car of yours. We provide commercial-grade garage floor coating solutions perfectly suited for use in your garage. Please familiarize yourself with some our coatings’ specifications:

  • An even, smooth and tough finish is created.
  • The coating is laid over the existing concrete floor.
  • Our coatings reduce dust, produce a superior solid surface and provide insulation.
  • When extra decorative flakes are added, provide a great source of traction for a non-slip surface.
  • You have the choice of installing a coating yourself or inviting Kwekel Painting to do it for you.
  • Our coatings do not lift, peel or bubble.
  • We offer a two-year product warranty.

Now that you have an idea about what to expect with our garage floor coating solutions, we really hope you choose to hire Kwekel Painting to work on your flooring. Your garage deserves nothing less than an exceptional treatment and we are here to provide you with just that.

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