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Garage Flooring in Deland FL

Garage Flooring in Deland, FL –  Enhance the Value of your Property.

Today, garages have evolved from mere auto storage units. Aside from being extensions of the living spaces, garages often serve other roles. To some homeowners, the garage is a mecca. It’s their retreat; it’s their private getaway. Regardless of the role, the garage is an important part of your property and, if you are planning on selling your home, could be a deal maker or breaker. Having a good-looking garage can be as important as a beautiful, upgraded kitchen.

Turning the garage into a deal maker: start with garage flooring.

Most homeowners in Deland, FL, are aware of the value of upgrading hardwood floors or refacing kitchen cabinets but how often do you think of your garage floor? Garage is an extension of your home and garage floors are an extremely important contributing factor to the overall look and feel of the garage. An attractive, well-treated garage floor can improve your home’s image, making your home more marketable and improving its sales potential.

If your existing garage floor looks more like a deal breaker, it can be converted to a deal maker for a minimal amount of cost and effort. Kwekel Painting, professional epoxy floor coating installers in Deland, can turn your messy garage floor into an object of beauty. Our heavy-duty, high-quality epoxy floor coatings will upgrade the look of your garage floor, adding instant curb appeal to your house. With our competitively priced epoxy floor coating services, we guarantee a long-term garage flooring solution that will help upgrade your garage floor and enhance your property’s value as well.

You cannot underestimate the importance of a strong, clean and comfortable garage floor. This often-neglected area can make the difference between getting a full-price offer and none at all. Letting Kwekel Painting take care of the garage floors is a smart investment that can turn your Deland garage into a real deal maker.

Get started with our epoxy floor coating services today and watch your property get sold for the best price!

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