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Best Epoxy Flooring

Garage Floor Coatings!

If you are looking for a garage flooring expert in Central or Northeast Florida, Kwekel Painting is exactly what you need. Our great prices, highest quality materials and high level of workmanship will have you enjoying your garage for many years to come. Painting a garage floor is a great way to improve the look and performance of your garage by adding color, hiding imperfections and improving wear resistance of the floor. If you decide to paint your bare concrete garage floor, remember that it is not a decision to be taken lightly. Because concrete has special characteristics, it also has specific needs when it comes to being painted. Proper preparation and careful consideration of the suitable flooring product can help ensure a high quality floor surface that will protect and improve your garage for years to come.

Garage Flooring: Ideal for Home and Business Settings

Garage flooring is a method of sealing and securing concrete floors. This kind of coating will prolong the life of the floor and give your floor a remarkable and attractive appearance. An epoxy floor is made with a protective resin that is used over the top of a current concrete slab. The epoxy resin is durable, and will make many types of floors.

Garage flooring is available in any color, and can be mixed with flakes to make an epoxy flake floor, it can also be mixed with quartz for an epoxy quartz floor,  metallic pigments can be utilized for a marble metallic floor, or it can be used as a stand alone finish for a smooth garage floor epoxy.

These floors can be shiny, but still provide a non-slip surface. These types of resins are frequently utilized over specialists’ floor like marble or terrazzo.  Epoxy flooring Orlando is a durable and hard material that is the reason why it’s well suited to flooring applications.

Flooring covered with epoxy will have a long life and can handle a massive amount of traffic. This is water resistant and dust proof, meaning cleaning up garage flooring is easy and fast.

For a lot of years, epoxy was utilized in industrial settings due to its durability and affordability. Recently, the designer appeal of Orlando concrete flooring has improved.

With an extensive selection of concrete finishes on hand, and options in resin, epoxy is being utilized to make remarkable looking finishes in offices, shops as well as private homes.

What Exactly is Garage Flooring?

Garage floor epoxy Orlando is a type of concrete flooring which provides a look that makes it attractive and durable. This is generally made of epoxy, a kind of sealant or resin that is usually mixed from two divided parts, a hardener and a resin. This is usually utilized in building and industrial companies for a wide selection of exterior and interior purposes. Epoxy floor coatings are the most traditional application of epoxy.

Why Utilize Epoxy for Orlando Epoxy Flooring?

The application of epoxy in fixing concrete floors could aid you with your concrete restoration process. Garage flooring goes over concrete surfaces and will firm up spalling or soft concrete. It could also help to guard surfaces from unwanted scratches. It also provides resistance from dust and water that makes it a cleaner option for floor covering. This is advantageous, particularly to facilities like medical hospitals. It also offers suitable drying time and show off a superb dimensional firmness, scratch resistance and robustness.

Epoxy flooring Orlando - Our Process

Good:  This floor is our least expensive.  It includes floor preparation (grinding), application and a durable, industrial base coat .


Epoxy flooring Orlando - Our Process

Better:  Our most popular.  The “Better” epoxy grade includes the base coat and decorative flake broadcast.  The flakes add slip resistance, extra durability, and a rich granite look to your floor.


Epoxy flooring Orlando - Our Process

Best:  Our “Premium” coating includes the durable base coat, decorative flakes, and the glossy clear coat.   This provides a showroom look for your home.


orlando garage flooring

Residential Garage Flooring

Garage floor epoxy is utilized in various domestic settings. When you are considering a refined concrete floor, a colored aggregate floor or other dedicated surface, then chances are it will be covered with an epoxy resin. A lot of people with asthma or allergies opt for epoxy floors, because it seals the concrete and provides lower levels of dust and allergens. The fact that it is easy to clean and does not attract dirt and dust, makes epoxy a clean option for garage flooring. A lot of young families are love this kind of flooring in garages, kitchens, bathrooms and other living areas.

Concrete Flooring for Commercial and Industrial Settings

A lot of choices for garage flooring Jacksonville will come up, which include carpet, laminate, hardwood, marble, linoleum, concrete, hardwood and other types. Carpet will attract dust and dirt, tile could break easily, marble and hardwood flooring is costly and laminate flooring could look too cheap. The solid concrete floor is already there, therefore why not dress that up? A lot of new companies are turning to a durable, attractive as well as a low maintenance selection of epoxy flooring. The high level of durability, hardiness as well as the economic viability of the epoxy flooring makes this a sensible choice for offices, for workshops and factories, epoxy flooring is hard enough to hold vehicles and forklifts without any cracking, so it is also useful for storage and walways. There’s no issue with concrete dust, and clearing up is also very easy. Epoxy flooring Jacksonville is ideal for hygienic areas like toilets and kitchens, because it is water proof and does not hold bacteria; it is well suited to these types of areas.

Epoxy Flooring for Retail Spaces

Durable, hardwearing as well as reasonably priced epoxy floors are a widespread option among cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, shops, and other retail spaces. It looks marvelous, it handles a huge amount of traffic, and is easy to maintain. While useful, epoxy flooring could also be stylish. Selecting a colored aggregate mixture or other options of designer flooring could make an extensive selection of various finishes.

The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

• It Makes Plain Surfaces More Appealing Epoxy flooring could make the concrete restoration result in an attractive high polished floor or a look that is soft and easy on the eyes. Homeowners or commercial owners can choose among some variety of styles and colors based on their choice or preferences. With this, they could come up with a floor which is attractive and appealing.

• Offers Considerable Benefits Garage flooring will last for decades, with minimal care. It also enables flooring that is chemically resistant which are perfect for many manufacturing plants, warehouses, storehouses as well as engineering plants.

• Green Solution Garage flooring Jacksonville will be the most excellent option for agencies practicing environmental ethics for their companies. This concrete flooring is an eco-friendly solution and doesn’t take much hard work wiping up debris and dirt. To maximize the benefits of garage flooring, it must be done by expert epoxy flooring service Orlando provider. Call us if you want an epoxy floor. Give our certified installers a call for a professionally installed concrete flooring.

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Are your epoxy flooring materials durable?
We use top of the line industrial finishes on all our concrete flooring installations. This makes an impact resistant, waterproof surface that is very hard to damage. Proper floor preparation is a large part of what makes the floor last.That is why only professionals should install epoxy flooring.

What kind of guarantee do you have on your garage flooring?
Our unhappy customers are few and far between , because our epoxy is a hard, durable, long lasting material. We do epoxy floors right the first time so that they will last decades. That said we stand by our installations 100%. Most flooring problems occur with the first three to six months. We guarantee labor and materials for one full year. If you have any issues with your floor, just contact us and we will take care of it.

What sets you apart from other epoxy flooring companies?
Kwekel Painting has been serving clients since 1986. We are a family owned company. None of the garage flooring we install is done by subcontractors. From your initial visit to the floor preperation and the concrete coating installation, all the work is done by Kwekel Painting. We have installed concrete flooring in food service areas, automotive manufacturing, pharmaceutical warehousing, garages, residential interior and many other facilities.

How competitive is your pricing?
Short answer….very competitive.  We are a small company that is not hindered by franchise fees or sales commissions. This greatly reduces our overhead cost. Generally this saves our customers 20-30% on their floor painting.

What Parts of Florida does Kwekel Painting serve?
We serve Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and all surrounding communities. Along the east coast of Florida, we serve from Ponte Vedra to Merritt Island. Our Sarasota location serves the west coast of Florida, including Bradenton, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater.

Will the odor from the epoxy floor painting bother anyone?
Everyone is different, if someone is sensitive to smells we recommend keeping away until the epoxy has set. However some of the coatings we apply are VOC free – 100% solids epoxy and urethane resins and have very little odor. Many projects are completed with owners in the facility. Ventilation is helpful.

How much does coating an epoxy floor cost?  Read more.

Calvin and Joshua

Calvin and Joshua


I am Calvin the owner of Kwekel Painting and have been running my business since its founding in 1986.  Joshua is my son.  Together we install the best epoxy floor systems available.  While many other garage floor coating companies come and go we have been steadily serving our customers for three decades.  We would like the opportunity to serve you by providing you a beautiful and enduring floor.  Just click the “Get a Price” button above to get started.  To learn more about us, click here.