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Best Garage Flooring

concrete flooring epoxy sarasota

  • Floor Repair
  • Diamond Grinding
  • High Solids Base Coat

epoxy coating garage floor sarasota

  • Floor Repair
  • Diamond Grinding
  • High Solids Base Coat
  • 30% Broadcast of Flakes
  • Polyaspartic Clear Coat

epoxy garage floors sarasota

  • Floor Repair
  • Diamond Grinding
  • High Solids Base Coat
  • 100% Broadcast of Flakes
  • Polyaspartic Clear Coat

Epoxy Colors


Steel Gray

Bone White

Silver Gray


Royal Blue




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Local Epoxy Flooring Experts

Whether you operate a business or just own a home, you must not underestimate the importance of safety. To make your home or business as safe as they can possibly be, you can undertake a number of different tasks to make the place as safe as possible. But the options surely can be daunting. Where can you possibly start on the nebulous task of making your home or business safe?

The answer is easy: start at the bottom. That is, start with your flooring.

Your choice of flooring is an especially important decision when it comes to making your business safe when compared to making your home safe. After all, just consider the number of people who will utilize your commercial flooring daily. A little? A lot? A WHOLE lot? Often, the answer is “too many for your flooring to be unsafe.”

When it comes to keeping your business’s flooring as safe as it can be for you, your employees, and your customers, consider having an epoxy coating installed. Beautiful and safe anywhere (particularly in a garage setting), epoxy flooring proves to be one of the best options when it comes to ensuring that your Florida home or business is just about as safe as can be.

If the thought of epoxy flooring intrigues you, then look no further than the experts at Kwekel Epoxy Floors for all of your epoxy coating needs. Since 1986, we have provided residents in and around Ormond Beach with top-quality epoxy floors, both residential and commercial. We dedicate ourselves to providing nothing but the best when it comes to your epoxy work, and that dedication combined with our three-plus decades of experience ensures that Kwekel Epoxy Floors will provide you with the best epoxy flooring for your money.

Expertise is not the only thing that our thirty-plus years of experience have given us. It has also endowed us with a deep, thorough understanding of the different looks and grades of epoxy -- all the way from "good" to "premium". Thus, with Kwekel Epoxy Floors, you can be sure that your home or business will enjoy the best epoxy flooring possible.

Don’t just wish you had the best and safest flooring for your home or business; GET it. And the experts at Kwekel Epoxy Floors are just the ones to give it to you. Let us install the best and best-LOOKING epoxy flooring for your home or business today, and you can enjoy a beautiful and safe floor for many years to come!

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If you are looking for epoxy flooring services in the sarasota area or nearby then please call 386-308-9488 or complete our online request form.

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Garage Flooring

garage flooring sarasota

Think of your garage. Specifically, think of all of the many things you keep in there. They’re not exactly what you’d call the most cuddly things, are they? No, indeed. Garages are homes for sharp tools, heavy equipment, and other unyielding and unsafe objects.

And you’ll never be more aware of their unyielding and unsafe -- not to mention oftentimes SHARP -- natures than when you’re falling into them.

It sounds like a silly scenario to bring up, but slipping in a garage is more common than you might think. After all, in addition to the sharp and heavy things, a garage houses slick oils and slippery paints -- all just waiting to be upended by a careless hand or errant elbow. And once these slosh about the floor, your garage flooring will become quite slippery indeed. Even after cleaning the mess up, the slick residue will remain, gradually making your garage flooring more and more of a slip hazard as spills accrue over the years.

On top of the spills that can slick your garage flooring, the concrete that most garage floors are made from is already somewhat slip-prone. The combination of not-quite-steady flooring and slippery spills creates an environment that’s all but pushing you into the many sharp objects that abound within it.

To help reduce the risk of slipping in your garage, get an epoxy covering for its concrete flooring. Epoxy will solve the two problems that create a slippery walking area in your garage. First, it will solve the issue of spills that never quite go away, and it will do so with its design that will allow spills to be wiped away easily and completely.

Second, epoxy flooring will provide more slip resistance than bare concrete will. Slip resistance is vital in a garage, whether that garage be personal or commercial. With all the sharp and heavy objects that there are to fall into in a garage, it is of the utmost importance that you ensure you have the sturdiest footing possible at all times when working in a garage.

And with a professional coating of epoxy applied by the experts at Kwekel Epoxy Floors, you can work safely knowing that you have the most slip-resistant flooring there is for your garage flooring.

A garage is a great thing indeed . . . But safety is greater. And with a quality coating of epoxy on your garage flooring, you can enjoy all the greatness with none of the risk of injury.

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Epoxy Floor Coatings

epoxy floor coating sarasota

We have said it before, but it can never be said enough: Perhaps epoxy’s best feature is the extra safety it can offer. No matter where you install it, epoxy flooring will provide you with just about the safest and most slip-resistant flooring you could ask for -- a boon whether you are installing it in your home or business.

Epoxy flooring also provides you with just about the most BEAUTIFUL flooring you could ask for. Coming in a variety of patterns and colors, epoxy won’t fail to make any home or business POP with color and beauty. And you can top off your epoxy with a clear coating that will accentuate all the beauty and colors already present in your epoxy.

On top of all of that, epoxy is DURABLE. Indeed, if it’s a long-lasting and sturdy floor you’re in the market for, you can’t possibly go wrong with a coating of epoxy.

For MANY reasons, you can’t go wrong with a coating of epoxy. As mentioned above, with epoxy coating on your flooring, you’ll enjoy a beautiful, sturdy, and long-lasting floor that will only benefit ANY room that you opt to have it installed in.

And speaking of installation: Your choice in an epoxy expert is CRUCIAL for your getting the most out of your epoxy flooring. You need an expert with the experience and dedication to top-quality work required to reap all the aesthetic and functional benefits out of your epoxy flooring.

And if you live in or around the Ormond Beach area, then the folks at Kwekel Epoxy Floors are just the experts to provide you with the best epoxy flooring installation possible. Since 1986, we have provided businesses and residents in the area with top-quality epoxy work, and with so many decades in the business, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the work you need to get the results you want from your epoxy installation.

We also boast a dedication to providing the best results we can. To get these results, we make it our mission to treat every job as though it were the only job we would ever have. With such dedication, you can be sure that your epoxy flooring will stay strong and look great for many years to come.

Epoxy is a beautiful option for anyone who wants a floor that will remain strong for many years to come. And with an epoxy installation by the experienced team at Kwekel Epoxy Floors, you can enjoy your epoxy flooring for many years to come!

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

commercial epoxy flooring sarasota

If you run a business, then you might be more than familiar with all the work you have to put in with its aesthetics and functionality. After all, since your business will accommodate many different people (and different KINDS of people), you’ll want to ensure that it functions well enough to keep all of them comfortable and pleased. That’s why functionality is important.

This functionality comes from many different components, many of which are quite obvious: your plumbing, your electrical setup, your HVAC system, and the like. But some components are less obvious -- components such as your flooring.

As a business owner, you want your flooring to discourage slips (which, as any business owner knows, could become legal headaches). Commercial epoxy floors will prove to be a great option for ensuring you head in that direction with your commercial flooring, as epoxy provides slip resistance, helping to prevent against nasty (and, for you, costly!) falls.

Epoxy is not only a safe option for your business; it is also a BEAUTIFUL one! And as a business owner, you understand that aesthetics are just about as important as functionality. After all, while functionality keeps your business safe and efficient for your customers, beauty brings IN those customers! It makes sense, though. Folks are simply disinclined to patronize an establishment that’s hardly anything to look at. To get the greatest customer base possible, you need to have a beautiful business that’ll draw in eyes and business.

And epoxy is a great way to draw in as much business as possible. Epoxy flooring for commercial settings is stunning! It comes in a variety of different colors and styles, all of which can be topped with a sleek clear coating that’ll get epoxy’s natural beauty to POP. With such a stunning installation, you can be sure that your business will be able to attract the largest number of customers possible!

And best of all: Epoxy coatings are long-lasting! So with it, you can enjoy a beautiful and slip-resistant floor for your business for many years to come!

Your business is your livelihood, so you should do whatever you have to to ensure that it continues to run well and draw in customers for many years to come. And with, you can be sure that you get that benefit in spades for the longest time possible!

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Beauty -- If you are in the market for one of the most beautiful flooring options around, then you can’t go wrong with epoxy flooring at all. Epoxy comes in a wide variety of colors and designs -- all of which can be accented with a clear top coating -- and these colors and designs will make any room look nothing short of stunning.

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Safety -- Epoxy is more than just an attractive flooring option. It is also one of the safest options on the market today. Its safety comes from its slip-resistant design. Since a common place for your epoxy flooring to be installed is your garage and other places where heavy equipment and sharp tools are stored, epoxy will help prevent you from toppling into those dangerous items.

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Longevity -- If you want to enjoy a beautiful and safe floor for many years to come, then epoxy is the best option for you. As mentioned previously, epoxy boasts unparalleled beauty and slip resistance; and on top of those features, it will also last for many years to come, helping you get the most value out of your epoxy flooring for many YEARS to come!

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Why Choose Us?

We at Kwekel Epoxy Floors dedicate ourselves to top-quality work. And having provided that work to the Ormond Beach area since 1986, we have the experience to promise that we can offer only the best work possible. And since we provide this top-quality work to both businesses and residents in the area, you can rely on the experts at Kwekel Epoxy Floors to provide you with the best epoxy flooring around whether you own a residential or commercial property.

Epoxy is a beautiful option for any home or business, and to get the most out of your new epoxy flooring, you need to have it installed by an experienced expert. And if you live in or around the Ormond Beach area, then the expert for you is Kwekel Epoxy Floors. We have the experience and dedication to top-quality work to provide you with a top-quality epoxy flooring.

Don’t just wish that you had the best flooring option out there; GET it. And you can get the best version of it with the folks at Kwekel Epoxy Floors.



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I was extremely pleased with the epoxy covering on my garage floor. They were not only on time and polite, but experienced as well. It was a perfect job. As my neighbor Gary said, "It is a work of art. " I recommend very highly.
- Gloria
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You've got to see this to believe it! A dirty old cement garage floor with cracks TRANSFORMED into a slip-free, seamless custom-designed floor which is easy to keep clean and will WOW your friends and neighbors. It will also add value to your home. Ask for Josh or Calvin Kwekel and expect a most satisfactory, headache-free result.
- Anthony
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