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Polyaspartic Floor System

Polyaspartic Floors are a great addition to a business, commercial property, or any space at home that you want to modernize. Depending on application requirements, you can choose from several types of epoxy flooring systems that we provide. Our 100% solids epoxy, decorative flakes and 85% solids polyaspartic flooring system offers the best value. You’ll get more extensive repairs and detail work, a full-saturation of flakes, and a thick top coat — protecting the floor from chemicals, impact and abrasion, as well as giving it a longer life.

Here’s what our epoxy flake floor installation process looks like:


We start off by grinding the substrate’s top layer to make a profile for the primer epoxy to adhere. Our grinding tools are made of high quality diamonds and rotate at 1000 rpm to profile the concrete floor. The pores and cavities that are created in the process allow the epoxy coating to properly adhere to the concrete. We then vacuum and clean the surface thoroughly to remove any dust or residue.


We will fix the concrete if it contains any cracks, damage or divots in the slab. We use cement-like patching compound (polyurea) to repair the concrete floor. This allows for a more attractive final product.

Base coat application.

The next step is to apply our 100% solids industrial epoxy. This type of epoxy is not diluted with water or solvent, it is 100% solids. It gives you the best in terms of adhesion and durability.

Decorative flakes.

Next, your floor gets 100% broadcast of decorative flakes. We completely saturate the wet epoxy to ensure every available wet spot is covered. Next, the epoxy is allowed to cure.

Polyaspartic top coat application.

After that, we will proceed to apply our 85% polyaspartic top coat. It is a high-solid, two-component, high performance clear polyaspartic aliphatic urethane with high-gloss, protective properties. Because of its rapid curing times, traffic can be restored to your floor the next day.

Our epoxy flake floor system, correctly installed by our experts on properly prepared concrete will not peel, chip, or flake off your floor, even under the heaviest vehicles. The polyaspartic over durable decorative flakes will prevent slips and improve safety, additionaly the polyaspartic top coat will create a brilliant shine, making the floor look like new with minimal maintenance.

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