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Red Epoxy Garage Floor in the Sarasota Area

Tired of monotonous and boring floor colors? Here's an idea for you - take advantage of our cherry red metallic epoxy floor coatings. Lustrous and eye-catching, the red metallic epoxy will add instant appeal and sophistication to your home, garage, or place of business. The bold design brings bright accents for the added wow-factor and the mirrored finish provides a unique look to achieve a showroom appeal.

Our red metallic epoxy floor product is an exciting new seamless flooring system that contains pearlescent pigments that produce marbleized gleaming effect. The metallic epoxy coatings we install have a glossy finish and offer iridescent and reflective properties unlike any other. The finished product is a stunning, one-of-a-kind flooring guaranteed to satisfy an owner and impress visitors.

The best part of our red marble metallic floors is that they create years of protection for the underlying concrete without ever sacrificing style. The epoxy metallic floors are highly durable and exceedingly resilient, so they are suitable for heavy use. Maintenance is also easy - with one complete smooth flooring there's no hidden areas for the dirt to get into.

For anyone who demands aesthetics and treasures performance, red marble metallic epoxy is the best flooring option. Contact Kwekel Epoxy Floors and a gorgeous red metallic epoxy floor that's drive-on and foot-traffic ready can be yours today!

Stunning red metallic epoxy floor from Kwekel Epoxy Floors.

Red epoxy garage floor sarasota fl

f your project needs epoxy flooring installed in the Sarasota Area, please call Kwekel Epoxy Floors at 386-308-9488, or complete our online request form.