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St. Augustine, FL Epoxy Floor Coating

Your garage: It's where you go when you want to do a little woodworking or perhaps some metalwork. It's the place you can get away from the worries of the rest of your day and get lost in a carburetor that needs rebuilding or an old chair that needs staining. Your garage is a pleasant little getaway from the rest of the world indeed . . . But it can also be hazard. How so, you might wonder? Many things make a garage hazardous, but the largest of those things is its flooring. Garage flooring is typically concrete, which is often quite slippery, especially when it gets covered in oils and paints that spill over, as they are wont to do. Combine this slipperiness with the many sharp tools that abound in a garage, and you've got a recipe for some pretty nasty accidents. If you want to continue enjoying the getaway that your garage can be without worrying about the hospital visit that it can turn into, just call St. Augustine's epoxy experts at Kwekel Epoxy Floors for a quality coating of epoxy that'll reduce the slip hazard that your garage's concrete floor poses!

Epoxy flooring st augustine fl

Garage Flooring in St. Augustine, FL

If there's one thing we at Kwekel Epoxy Floors know, it's garage flooring. And we know that, out of the box, your garage's concrete flooring isn't always the best thing when it comes to slip resistance -- especially after it's become covered in oil stains over time. We also know that a great way to combat this slipperiness is to get a coating of epoxy over your garage's concrete flooring. Epoxy has slip-resistant properties that aren't as present in concrete. In addition, epoxy allows spills to wipe right up, so they won't accumulate and make your garage flooring slippery and dangerous over time!

Epoxy Covering in St. Augustine, FL

Epoxy is the best thing that's ever happened to safety in your garage -- or in any room with a concrete flooring. As mentioned above, this is due to epoxy's slip-resistant design. It's also due to its durability. Indeed, you can prevent cracks and fissures and the like from weakening your garage flooring with a coating of epoxy that will endure the worst weight that you might subject it to day in and day out. On top of all that, epoxy is just about one of the best-looking flooring options you can get! If it's a safe, durable, and beautiful flooring you're in the market for, you can't go wrong with epoxy covering.

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