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How Epoxy Flooring Benefits Your Sarasota Home

Epoxy flooring is a great way to protect and increase the service life of your Sarasota home's concrete flooring. Not many realize that this type of flooring will coat the smoothness of your concrete, making it slip-resistant, even as the coating gives a brilliant shine.

A home's concrete flooring is much smoother than the concrete that is outside. When your inside concrete flooring gets wet, it can cause a slip-hazard. When our Sarasota epoxy flooring experts apply a coating of epoxy to your floors, it creates a non-slip surface, even when a liquid has been spilled on it.

How epoxy flooring benefits your home

What is an Epoxy Coating - Exactly?

An epoxy coating is made up of layers of resin that, combined with a hardener, creates a chemical reaction that creates a strong plastic-like material. The epoxy coats your concrete flooring and shields it from everyday wear and tear. It gives a high-level amount of protection that will withstand frequent floor traffic and furniture moves without dulling the appearance of the concrete underneath.

There are many exceptional qualities epoxy flooring offers, such as:

Longevity – After a coating of epoxy to your concrete floors, your floors will become incredibly durable and last up to 30 years, depending on the level of daily abuse. Epoxy flooring will also protect against cracks, water damage, and chemical damage. Any chemical damage is geared more toward protecting garage flooring.

Brighter, longer-lasting colors – When Sarasota homeowners have brightly, creative designs on their concrete flooring, they want to protect it. Applying epoxy flooring will keep your concrete floors as bright as the day they were laid.

Easy maintenance – One of the many great reasons that epoxy flooring is ideal for your concrete floors is minimal maintenance. Because of its durability and strength, there's no need to worry about repairs or re-applications, and the epoxy coating's resistance to liquids and staining makes it super easy to clean.

Call the epoxy flooring specialists when you're ready to protect the concrete flooring in your Sarasota home.

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