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Top Quality Commercial Epoxy Floors

If you run a business that uses a garage, then you understand the importance of keeping that garage in the safest condition possible. After all, with its plethora of sharp and heavy equipment, a garage poses a high threat of damage or worse to those who are unfortunate or uncoordinated.

You want to minimize the chance of accidents that might occur within your commercial garage. There are many precautions you can take and that you can have your employees take, but one of the best and most all-encompassing options you have is to get a coating of epoxy over your garage's flooring.

A coat of epoxy flooring will add slip resistance to your garage flooring while also strengthening it, making it resistant to cracks that could lead to foundational issues. To get the most out of your epoxy floor coating, you need to rely on experienced professionals to install it.

And if you live in or around Ormond Beach, the experts for you are none other than the experts at Kwekel Epoxy Floors. Since 1986, we have offered businesses in the area top-quality commercial epoxy work, providing businesses with safer garages at a price they can afford. If you want the safest garage for your business, just call Kwekel Epoxy Floors today for a top-quality epoxy covering.

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Slip-Proof Garage Flooring with Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

Slipping in a garage can be quite dangerous. After all, with all the sharp tools and heavy machinery present in a garage, a slip could easily spell out disaster.

The chance of slipping in a garage increases through time as spills and wear occur. To counter these problems, just get an epoxy floor covering for your commercial garage. An epoxy is slip resistance. On top of that, it's also durable, meaning it won't suffer from wear that creates a slippery environment. And epoxy is resistant to spills, so with epoxy flooring, you can just wipe away slip hazards.

More Durable Commercial Flooring

Your commercial flooring will be subjected to some serious wear and tear over its lifetime. With all the machinery and vehicles that will drive over and park atop it, your garage flooring is always prone to developing cracks. And these cracks could weaken your garage's foundation over time.

To prevent these issues, just get an epoxy coating. Epoxy will make your garage flooring more durable than ever before, helping it to prevent cracks and the foundational damage they can lead to. Your commercial garage should be safe, and it should stand securely for many years to come; and with a coating of epoxy, it will be just that!

Photos of Commercial Epoxy Floors We've Installed in Florida

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For premium quality commercial epoxy floors in Sarasota or the surrounding areas of Florida, please call Kwekel Epoxy Floors at 386-308-9488, or complete our online request form.