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Our Bradenton Concrete Flooring Is Much More Affordable Than Real Granite Or Marble

Tampa Concrete FlooringAre you looking for a Bradenton concrete flooring expert? Do want something really special? Kwekel Epoxy Floors can bring an amazing design to the table.

Epoxy concrete flooring is much more affordable than installing real granite or marble but looks like the real thing -if done right. Our specialists do amazing work that you can trust to last for many years.

Our commercial and residential concrete flooring specialists have been working locally since 1986. We have completely transformed the floors in airplane hangars, retail shops, offices, garages, homes, and more. We only provide top-quality epoxy work using the finest commercial and industrial strength products.

If you live or own a business in Bradenton, call with any questions or to schedule a consultation. We have some creative and unique ideas ready for you!

  • Garage floor epoxy
  • Epoxy finish for entire home
  • Commercial epoxy floors
  • Industrial-strength non-slip floors
  • Affordable & durable

We Use Only Top-Quality Epoxy

Your concrete floor is more vulnerable than it seems. It is porous, absorbing water and chemicals that can do damage to the material.

That's why garage floors get so oil stained.

The epoxy finish will protect it from all kinds of damage, but it must be properly installed or there will be problems. If overlayed over damp or wet concrete, the epoxy will peel. Other common problems happen because of the quality of the product and how it was applied.

We use only industrial-strength commercial floor epoxy, applying it with expertise. Your new floor will look stunning for many years to come.

  • Industrial strength primer & epoxy
  • Expert workmanship
  • Concrete flooring artists since 1989

Enjoy An Easy To Maintain, Slip-Resistant Floor

Epoxy flooring a slip-resistant finish that is perfect for concrete. However, we can tailor the formula if you need additional traction. This may be necessary for a car washing facility, manufacturing plant, or stairs.

Cleaning and maintaining the floor will be easy. Just clean up spills as you go, and use a dust mop and damp mop as needed.

If you would like more information about our Bradenton concrete flooring services, please call 386-308-9488 or complete our online request form.

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I was extremely pleased with the epoxy covering on my garage floor. They were not only on time and polite, but experienced as well. It was a perfect job. As my neighbor Gary said, "It is a work of art. " I recommend very highly.
- Gloria
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You've got to see this to believe it! A dirty old cement garage floor with cracks TRANSFORMED into a slip-free, seamless custom-designed floor which is easy to keep clean and will WOW your friends and neighbors. It will also add value to your home. Ask for Josh or Calvin Kwekel and expect a most satisfactory, headache-free result.
- Anthony
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