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How Can an Epoxy Floor Coating Make My Garage Safer?

epoxy garage floor sarasota flYour garage is a handy place indeed, but it is also a place that’s laden with dangers. Sharp blades, heavy objects, and unyielding corners just waiting to break your fall as they catch you by the temple abound, all waiting to do you harm to varying degrees.

It doesn’t matter whether the degree of harm you face is great or small. Your garage should be a productive place, and you can’t be productive if your well-being is in danger.

To make your garage as safe as it can be, consider having an epoxy flooring installed. Epoxy flooring will help to make your garage safe by providing some great safety benefits to the part of your garage that you’ll use the most: the flooring.

If your flooring is safe, you are safe. And as mentioned above, one place you want to be safe in at all times is your garage. Thus, with an epoxy floor covering in your garage, you can be sure to remain as safe as possible at all times -- and you can do so thanks to the following benefits that epoxy covering offers:

Slip Resistance

All of those sharp, heavy objects in your garage can hurt you only if you give them the momentum they need to hurt you... and that momentum comes from you. Specifically, it comes from you as you fall down toward them.

Like any person in their right mind, you’ll never rocket yourself at the most dangerous tools and such within your garage. The only way you’ll provide them with the momentum they need to do some damage is if you slip and fall toward them.

To avoid slipping and falling in the most dangerous room to slip and fall in, just get an epoxy covering for your garage flooring. Epoxy provides slip resistance, so with epoxy, you can enjoy your tools for being tools, not for being cushioning for a fall.


When you buy a home, you expect it to last. But boy! Do you have a lot of things to keep an eye on and maintain in order make sure your home will last you your entire life!

One of those things is, of course, your garage flooring. More than many other installations within your home, your garage flooring is subjected to serious wear and tear. After all, with all the work your’ll do in there and the heavy machinery you’ll keep in it (such as your car), it doesn’t take long for your garage flooring to wear down and crack.

To avoid cracks and the foundational issues they can lead to, just get a coat of epoxy. Epoxy will add extra durability to your garage flooring, helping it to last as long as you need it to!

Get An Installation By Experts You Can Trust

If you are in the market for a top-quality epoxy installation, just call the experienced team at Kwekel Epoxy Floors. We have the know-how and the dedication to top-quality work to provide your garage flooring with a great coating of epoxy that’ll keep you and your garage floor safe and sound for many years to come!

Want safer garage floors? Call the epoxy floor coating experts in Sarasota, FL today at 386-308-9488 or complete our online request form.

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I was extremely pleased with the epoxy covering on my garage floor. They were not only on time and polite, but experienced as well. It was a perfect job. As my neighbor Gary said, "It is a work of art. " I recommend very highly.
- Gloria
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You've got to see this to believe it! A dirty old cement garage floor with cracks TRANSFORMED into a slip-free, seamless custom-designed floor which is easy to keep clean and will WOW your friends and neighbors. It will also add value to your home. Ask for Josh or Calvin Kwekel and expect a most satisfactory, headache-free result.
- Anthony
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