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Epoxy Flooring in Lakeland, FL

Kwekel Epoxy Floors finished this epoxy floor in Lakeland. The floor was a new construction garage floor with a little over 500 square foot. This epoxy floor system was a premium concrete flooring system that included floor prep, diamond grinding, high solids epoxy primer, 100% solids epoxy, 100% broadcast of decorative flakes, and 100% solids polyaspartic clear coat. The decorative flake color is called Shiitake. Many companies skip the high solids penetrating primer to save money but we find that this is essential for increasing the adhesion and durability of the floor. Also many companies use a 60 to 70% solids polyaspartic, we use 100% solids polyaspartic. This makes for a thicker longer-lasting garage flooring.

Epoxy flooring lakeland fl

Epoxy Flooring in Lakeland, FL - Gallery

If your project needs epoxy flooring installed in Lakeland, FL, please call Kwekel Epoxy Floors at 386-308-9488, or complete our online request form.