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Learn the Major Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring

When it comes time to get new flooring for your garage or other semi-outdoor areas, your choices are fairly limited. One of those choices -- in fact, one of the most common -- is concrete flooring, which can make a great option for any home.

On the same token, concrete flooring can make for one of the worst installations in your Sarasota home. How can you know which it will be for your home? Easy: You can give this article a read to learn the major pros and cons that it has to offer!

Concrete flooring pros and cons

Concrete Flooring Cons

We'll come right out the gate with the reasons why concrete flooring might not be right for your home. Don't worry: Those reasons are minimal. Still, we think it's important that you know the downsides you might experience before you invest in this flooring option:

  • Cracking - More than many other flooring options, concrete has a tendency to expand and contract -- and, in turn, crack. As your concrete flooring develops cracks, its appearances could suffer and it could pose a tripping hazard. If you don't fancy an unsightly and unsafe flooring option, concrete may not be right for you.
  • Comfort Issues - When you shop around for new flooring for your home, you need to keep comfort in mind. After all, your flooring can add tons of comfort to your home -- or take away quite a bit of comfort. In this regard, concrete may not be your best option, as it is quite hard and none too pleasant to walk about every day.

Concrete Flooring Pros

As we said, the reasons why you might want to avoid concrete flooring are rather minimal. In fact, you'll find far more to love than hate if you opt to get concrete flooring for your Sarasota area home. After all, with concrete, you'll be able to enjoy these great advantages:

  • Low Maintenance - While concrete may be subjected to cracks, its maintenance-related issues will prove to be far less common than you'd experience in other flooring options. For example, asphalt tends to require far more upkeep. So, if you're shopping for flooring with minimal maintenance in mind, you can't go wrong by investing in concrete.
  • Aesthetics - When you think of concrete flooring, you don't need to think of just a plain gray appearance. After all, concrete can be colored or decorated with an epoxy covering. These design options will help you make your concrete stand out in the most beautiful way, making it a great choice for the more aesthetic-minded among you.
  • Longevity - Your flooring is an important installation in your home -- one which helps to maintain appearances and, yes, safety. So, you should invest your money in flooring options that will give you many years of dependable use. With that in mind, you can hardly do better than long-lasting concrete for all your flooring needs.

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Does concrete flooring sound like the right choice for your home? If it does, go ahead and give Kwekel Epoxy Floors a call today. Our Sarasota epoxy flooring experts offer quick, dependable installation work that will maximize the good that concrete has to offer while minimizing the bad, ensuring that you'll fully enjoy this installation for years to come.

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